Mutual Aid Is Organizing

Inspired by our solidarity with the working class here in Baltimore City who have long been shafted by racial capitalism and it’s gutting of vital social safety nets - we decided to support the networks of care already present here.

Mutual aid is not charity.

Mutual aid is ORGANIZING!

Continuing the legacy of marginalized communities and allies reclaiming their collective power to uplift and transform members of our communities - incarcerated or not - the Baltimore DSA Mutual Aid efforts progress with these principles in mind:

  1. We don’t have any disqualifying factors for the recipients of mutual aid, but we do try to prioritize more vulnerable people first.
  2. We support individuals, existing community organizations and autonomously organized networks both through direct and indirect participation and aid.
  3. We believe that as we work collectively with our neighbors to deal with the scarcity of basic resources created by the current system of racial capitalism, we must organize ourselves to overthrow that system
  4. We aim to strengthen democratic counter-institutions in the course of our mutual aid work, and carry over infrastructure developed in times of crisis into lasting political tools to challenge the ruling class

Members of our communities were struggling to make ends meet before COVID19.

Now, they are struggling even more.

Now, they are struggling even more.

Organizations Doing Mutual Aid

SWOP Baltimore

SWOP Baltimore is doing outreach, direct mutual aid, and raising funds to support sex workers in the community. You can read more about their work, opportunities to volunteer, and ways to donate on their website.

Baltimore Harm Reduction Coalition

Baltimore Harm Reduction Coalition is doing street outreach to distribute goodie bags, naloxone, condoms, and other harm reduction supplies to folks in need. You can read more on their website.

BMORE Community Food

BMORE Community Food is doing free grocery distribution out of the old Parts and Labor Building at 2600 N. Howard Street. They have free curbside pick-up available on Saturdays. Find out more here.

Baltimore Safe Haven

Baltimore Safe Haven conducts street outreach and provides resources and opportunities to the LGBTQIA community in Baltimore living in survival mode. You can support them here.

Ujima People’s Progress Party

The UPP is building fightback programs in poor and working-class communities to win power back to the people. Find out more here.

Our Previous Work

Our mutual aid work started with members organizing directly within their neighborhood-level mutual aid groups, and bringing those skills back to provide mutual aid between our members. GBDSA works closely with the tenant organizers of Lanvale Towers, to help build up and strengthen their tenant union. During the pandemic we have also been sharing supplies and resources at Lanvale.

In many cases, other local groups are better positioned to connect people directly to the aid and resources they need, so we’ve made a concerted effort to support these organizations with our financial resources. In April, we raised over six thousand dollars to support mutual aid efforts, sharing the funds between SWOP Baltimore, the Baltimore Harm Reduction Coalition, and Bmore Community Food. You can read more about these organizations above.